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Episode #21 Andy Preece Talks Tangerine


Dan Hopwood and Tom Johnson chat with current Director of Football and Assistant Manager for Chorley F.C Andy Preece, after their recent 3-2 win over Wigan Athletic. The non-league side were 2-0 down before coming back with a stunning three goals to silence the League One side and progress to the next round in the FA Cup.

Andy also discussed both his on-going managerial career and playing career. Key moments vary from playing for Palace during Eric Cantona's kung-fu kick, being bought by Big Sam to Blackpool for big money in the 90's and the painful loss in the Play-off final against Bradford, his goal scoring record including scoring against Preston and his thoughts on Chorley's recent win against Wigan. 

Welcome to the one to podcast by you, TMP. We had great, I think, Fan with fan player relationships in incredible. It's the best changer in by mile that I've been in. Even kind of things made the team stronger, made the bond stronger, made kind of claim for the club that kind of strange a little bit more enjoyable. A small unbelief with tality group, who was just absolutely think I could tangently unstoppable force. She's a short reminder to let you all know that our BSC legend monks an our sale for our UTMP shop and also available on Ebay to this is going to help us raise some money to improve our content further. Let's go towards and running costs of the website too. I am the all right now, I'm all right, are you? Yes, where all gears? There's a big, big cook dropping tonight and then they'll be keeping out of yeah, I know. Yeah, massive, sorry for takeulrly time on such an important day. Didn't realize it was obviously good ball so close to it. But you like you will get through as well. Well, that's it. Didn't probably expect to get through. So yeah, so it's great. So more than happy. Yeah, it's all the all the videos circulate on social media of everyone singing in Adel yesterday we involved. I was yeah, I'll try. I'm glad I kept myself out of it. Just seem my shiney air now and again. I think I was minded. Oh Yeah, congratulations, that was atastic game. I just saw the highlights again or performance. Yeah, it was. It was unreal. You know, too good. If you went away somewhere and your to know, down like Wigan, two or three leagues above, really it's game over. Another went down to ten member still. Normally it's hard to playing against ten and it is eleven sometimes. So there's an unbelievable performance to come back and then went three, two and and we did it reasonably comfortably in the end. You just have one scare where we cleared off a line in the last minute. But yeah, the Great Day and it's been coming, to be fair, because we've been struggling in there in the league. Not picked up many points, but we've been playing okay, so I suppose that that makes up for all those disappointments. Yeah, yeah, you hope for a next round any any league side at home, because financially be massive for us. I'm sure be on TV if we do take anybody at home, but also in the in the draw. So you never now things crossed. No, yeah, now, as at the Black Pool, we can game. So I've seen black pool this season as well, so we're yeah, I won't mind that one. Be Tough, but it'd be a good one for me, would you say? It's a similar story with Choli. Then a better I suppose black pole picks a few wins now, but prior to that they weren't playing too but but just not getting it over the line. Yeah, I think that's probably it. You know, you just need a bit of look sometimes and things to go for you and it I think, if you're doing things right, then it will change. But you just got to remain positive, because it can a lot of negativity can start coming around and if you let that get on top of you, then the next minute, you know, you start to lose that that form that you had. So that's a big boot for us, and black pool about the same, you know, picking up those wins. You know, it just gives us totally different complexion on everybody's thoughts going forward, even stuff. Just explain to us what you're up to. A chore. Then you see you're system manager. On you but your involved on an education time as well. Yeah, well, on the director of football. They're now so I sort of look after everything on the football side. Plus, as Jamie with the first team. Yes, it's a really good role at you know, I'm enjoying it. From schools to lads. You're doing Betech, the academy, the under twenty ones in the first team. So it's a big role, something I'm enjoying and love that day to day involvement. So I'm pretty much pretty much full time. So it's a great opportunity for me and... still working with the first team. So yeah, it's all good. It's all positive. You know it's difficult and these circumstances with you know, with covid and dealing with that, but you know, the club's now set up to go move in the right direction. You know, we had disappointed season last season, but getting promote with the season before probably came a little bit too early for us. So now we're trying to at up so when that happens again we'll be ready. You've been managing in the past, obviously a manager and Barry, when you were still quite young, playing when you're and then you've been a sort of Wolston north, which is in south pore more recently as well. So to see yourself as a manager still or he's looking towards the future and slim of different rolls. Are Still see myself at managing. You know, I think we records pretty good. Yeah, but it's just getting the opportunity now. It's so, so difficult and you know that this role at shortly, at the minute is a really good role. Is developed over over the last couple of years from where I was just went in a couple of times a week to where now it's a full time role. So, you know, of work really hard with the education providers to get this beat at going which is now allow me to foot full time. And the academy is now taken off. So you know, it's a it's a brilliant place for me to beach holly there. But I still want to be you know, I still want to be a manager. Still Think I've got a lot to offer and I think you know, given the opportunity, you know I'll prove that. But, like I say, it's so difficult. But I'm you know, I'm not giving up open. You know, I'll keep going. When you say it's difficult, what what's the sort of difficult aspect? Is it just a competition these days? Yeah, that, you know, there's a lot more managers, managers about. You know when I started, obviously more people are getting qualified or people getting opportunities, more managed to losing jobs, more manager to come into so it gets more difficult anywhere. We've talked about you know that, the lack of black managers in the game. You know that doesn't help the case at this minute into time. You know, you can't get away from it's not you know, it's not me crying about it. It's you know, it's two facts. And now people can start talking about it a little bit more without fearing, you know, for people to start saying things that you know that it's an excuse or you've got chip on your shoulder or things like that, which used to be the case years ago. But you know, the facts bear it out. Does it is difficult and you know, until until things change, that that makes it that much more difficult for someone like me. But that doesn't doesn't stop to keep going. You know, you don't give up. You know you keep going you keep proving yourself and ultimately you'll get your opportunity to keep believing, keep working hard and and don't give anybody any excuses. You know, get all your badges and things like that, and then no one can say, well, you didn't get it, you haven't got your badges, all this, all that or the other. You know, if you tick all the boxes, then you can get a genuine reason then why you haven't got a job. You having any playing career. You are you're playing something only when you younger. Aren't younger, and then sort of shot right into but first football wage and then to the premier league. UITE quickly as well. Then you so you've obviously seen it. See it happened. There's a player and hopefully can, Asimson of trajective, as a manager as well. Yeah, that's it. You know, things can change very quickly, and football, can't they like even us in the position that we're in, things are looking doom and bloom and then the next minute you're gone beat wigging and everybody's either, you know, buzzing. So think things change it and you've got to keep working. I keep believing it, in yourself and the people around you. And things are happened. The worst thing you can do is is give up talk about it. You know, you just get on with it. So, looking at your playing career, the W W went I was touched on. You sort of started off in non league and you was at a part time job, on the side kind of thing, and working, working, you ALP or did you? We are an academy at a point when you're younger and sort of dropped out and made you way back up. Now I was always was, never in an academy. Always did well at school and the few clubs were meant to be interested, but but...

...nothing ever materialized and I ended up at a local club at w'ster, playing in the youth team there and got on the bench when I was sixteen and in the first team in thee what would be the National League. I think we've topped that that there. When I came on against runcorn for about fifteen minutes, I just couldn't believe I fast it was, you know, I couldn't catch me breath. It was. It was unbelievable, but it's a great feeling, you know. I felt like I'd made it then, coming on from a for me on time club and so that's where it all stared. But he went backwards from there. I got glands of the fever. They released me and I to work me way back. So it was quite quite a difficult way back and half given up on football and played a lot of cricket and I was going out to Australia playing cricket, six months playing there in the football season, obviously their season and when our football seasons on. So I missed and missed a lot. And then when I came back, I came back and played for a lower non league club, collored evenshroom united, and I did all right for a season there and I was going to go back to Australia and one of the fellows they're said you know, I know Grand Car Northampton. You know, I'll get your trial there. I thought nothing of it but went to Northampton and he signed me on a non contract. Or if that had that happened, possibly I wouldn't play football and ended up, you know, going the cricket route. So it's funny a little things like that can change your whole life. Wasn't smooth from Northampton, but that's the way it all started for me. The name Graham car is a should have had a pool. Fancy is obviously the I think he's a worse manager we've had in terms of niagerial starts. Boy, he's outed I for a players and he obviously didn't quite well in Newcastle. Isn't chief scout quite recently as well? So could be he put you out of they can give you a chance. Yeah, that I'll tell that. Yeah, I'll take it that he knows what he's said, what he's done. Yeah, not with a team, but maybe for a player. So I'll tell you that one. Yeah, you know, he's seen something in me. I don't, you know, sure at the time and I give me a bit of belief, although I did end up going back into non league, but I was only the Non League for a season and then went to went to wrexam where Brian Flynn. Yeah, so you went to Rexhom and then stock board, anywhere, and particularly stock Paul. You were quite pally, I think, when you said how did you go through the gears, essentially, and finally you you able to play it out. One would and Xcel at as well. I don't know. Is that as a wrexham and it you know, I didn't do great. I think I got about thirteen goals in sixty games or something. was done a great record. I was in the reserves at the time, but Danny bigar again seeing something in me and paid money for me and I was in the reserve and stop what we're in a league above it was like a Colt. I can't work it out myself. That's what you know, what he'd say and why it's time me. So just go with it. I suppose you just go then and you probably go with a a little less fear and it just I think it's confidence with it with a lot of players and it definitely was with me. You know, I started, I think came on against Preston. Was My debut and the next game I started against Swansea and I scored very early on and I think from that moment and scoring that goal and being at a new club, you started get accepted by everybody straight away and I couldn't stop scoring. At the end of that season I think got thirteen and twenty other games and it's death. It was definitely confidence with me, you know, because I think I did I just didn't think I was good enough. When I was at Wrexham and had a few knockbacks previously, like leaving Worcester and leaving Northampton, and I think I just doubted myself. But that just then give me the confidence and also that, you know, the manager as well, was brilliant with me. Yeah, it's just the right place at the right of time for me. You say you're fit. This levels really different. Also, just purely mentality, in ancient confidence. Yeah, hundred percent. It was just it just confidence. It just that belief when you believe that you're going to score every week, you believe that you're going to play well every week. You just look forward to to every game. You look forward to the...

...ball coming to you and when things are going wrong, you're almost the other way where you dreading, you know, dreading a ball coming to you, you know, Dret dreading the next game. And if someone could bottle confidence and and give it to every player, you know that that would be the the the miracle drug, because you can, I think you can see it with some plays even now, with a you know, with a lockdown and having no fans. I think people, you know, like Bamford was root was struggling and struggling a little bit the last time. You know, he's in the Premier League with fans on his back and stuff like that. Now you've got that freedom where you haven't got fans, you know, on your back if things are going wrong. So you can play with you can play with that freedom and that beliefe. You know that no one's going to have a go at you on your teammates and and your your manager. So I think you'll see a lot, quite a few players probably playing better than they were big with with crowds, without crowds. I love playing from the crowd, but early on in the career it was a dreadful many of times. You know, I found it really difficult. It's interesting, obviously sparing thought. First Dog Paus well and all they been on the choir turbillon time of the last ten years, only fallen into a non league where they should never have been in the struggling to get back up as well, but hopefully about now on the straight and narrow. Is A club obviously hold close to heart. Yeah, yeah, definitely. You know that. That's the club that kicks started everything for me and got me going it and and set me up for the rest of, you know, pretty much for the rest of my life really. So yeah, was a brilliant time of the Great Club, great fan base as well. You know that they've stuck, stuck with the club right the way through, going down to the conference north and shocking what's happened to him. But I do feel they're on the way the way back now. They've got, you know, a real powerful back and now behind them and you know, they seem like they're on the way back up. Have ever been linked with her journal over the years when you've been on that many times? Number, yeah, quite a few times. You know, the x clubs up be linked to a few times. I've I've had a couple of interviews at stockport as well. So yeah, yeah, that's happened. A couple of talents here on too palace. Then three hundred and fifty K in the early S. was you know, it's a decent feel, wasn't it? Did you see yourself getting that move? What was you sort of thought at the time? If you think you can play that level and may not step up, your dream about it? You know, that's that was a dream as a kid, you know, to play at ice level. There was in the Premier League when I was a kid. WHO's Division One, but that was it that. You know, that was a dream and it get that moved to the Premier League. At that time it was just changing, you know, I think it was the second year of the Premier League. was got it was going massive on sky. I done really well, but I still couldn't, you know, couldn't believe that I was going going in the premier league. And again you get those little doubt am I good enough or not? It was saying it was ray Wilkin to probably how get me that. Get me the movie. We play QPR and the FA coup for stop or played really well in that game. Scored it, scored a really good goal. We knocked him out and race signed the same time as what I did and apparently had the word with Ana Smith whether he was in doubt or signing me or not. I think he'd ask raised opinion and he said they had to sign. And to be fair, ray was brilliant with me in a first few few weeks because, you know, I had a few doubts in the first couple of games and that. And he said that your ear for a reason, could because you about while you've done you know, just believe in yourself. To add someone like Ray Wilkins come up to you and say that, you know, an absolutely legend and England International. You think, well, you know, so started off really well there in the end, the first couple of games. Yeah, for in the first seven games. So I was absolutely flying. I could then. You can't believe it the other way, you know, you think, wow, you know, I'm absolutely flying it. But that's as good as it got and that probably the the high point. You know, my of my career was at you know, in that spar that's good. I think it's got four in a week and I scored the winner against Evert in the woin...

...scored two against Leicester and the winner I get. So it's two against come to in the win against Leicester, and it was just unreal. He just floating at that time. You know, I don't know how these these lads feel now when they're you know, where the banging goes, ary cane and people like that. It just must be unbelievable. So, you know, that was a fantastic time for me and something that I'll never forget. You know, as in dream and you know, at least I can always say that he played in the Premier League. Goals in a Premier League. It was is a great time and something, you know, is the best time, the best time in my football career just because of, you know, playing in front of those crowds are Drenalin Russia give you a coming out in front of pack stadiums against the top players, something that I can feel that now. You know, can feel that feeling me stomach now when I played in at that level. Why don't you think you're able to stay in? Because, I mean for for first seven like you mentioned, this pretty good going. Was a a changing tact things by the manager. Did the play opposition like? What do you think? Sort of ball down to it now, you know, I think ultimately I don't think I was good enough for that level in little spouse. You know, I could all me own, but ultimately I don't. I don't think I was up to that level. That's I got relegated. But we had some really good players in that in that team, but we just had a spell that of after that period, that seven, those seven games, we went some sort of twelve games without a goal and I think that affected everybody's confidence a little bit and you know, if you're a striker and you're not and teams not scoring, you're going to find stuff out the team and find it very hard to get get a run back in the today. You know, it just it just, it's course to the end. But I'm realistic in knowing that the level of that I could player and you know, probably just wasn't good enough at that level. So you've gone from at that point obviously had a couple of not works when you were younger, but then you'd gone upwards and upwards and then when you're at palace as from the next move where the club wanted to cash in maybe more than you sort of see as the next step in coming to Blackpool. So what was he was opinion there? We sort of forced out in any way, or did would be to accept that it wasn't the right place and you want, you wanted to move. Or what was the sort of context around the movie that time to Blackpool? But at the end of that season the manager gone and I think it was really in turn was gonna take over or was going to go in with someone just said that not caun't see you start in next season and do fare. I just wanted to play, you know, a dad after season pretty much where I'd been in an out or on the bench and I just wanted to play football. That, you know, they wanted to cash in on. They do no doubt about that. I was happy to go because I just wanted to play, for I wasn't going to be playing then. You know, there was not no point the hanging around. If it said though, you know you've got a chance and you fight a few place, I think. I think I would have, because I did enjoy it there, but I think it was a right move to move away at that time. M based on that. In the Premier League, who would you say the best play you play against? Gary Pallist of with U us. It's a few times at you know, he was just it was quick, it was strong, it was good in the air, he was good technically. You know, you just searching for a weakness. You know it stand up to a battle. There's just nothing. You know, there's nothing you could do to get get get an edge on him. So, yeah, he was really tough to play again, when you know when you play against him or it amount yeah, yeah, yeah, united. Yeah, then we can't. We can't mention when you know, I obviously powers without mentioning the are cancel our Kung Fu kick game, which I believe you played as well in you yeah, come on and Sphen that game. Yeah, you mean so that we did you see you the time. I didn't see it because I was on the bench and I was warming up and just seeing the commotion and everything, and I've come on when the Games died down a little bit of Conscris answer what's happened? What's happened? He said count and ask come to kick one one into the crowd.

I went shut up and he went, no, I'm serious, he has store at the end of the game like that all that anybody's talking about. It wasn't like if it was today, oh my God, you know, they would have been pressed everywhere. You would have been able to move. It wasn't as intense then. And everybody's in a bar talking about it and just as you saying, no, no, no, that as he really as he really really doesn't like honestly promise it, he's done it. And you know, when you see the scenes more, wife and door were only like five or six rows behind what and so that you know they heard everything, they saw everything. It was just, you know, just one of those moments where you just that you just can't believe what's happened. And but you know he's a passionate player. That's how you play. Catch people at the wrong time, something's going on in their life and that and that lad said what he said to him and he's just it's just reactive impulsively. And have you ever been intended to do that yourself or similar well, I had. I had altercation Blackpool where, well, yeah, it was a reserve game and playing. We're playing laster and I remember it really well because of Mlski. May I think Mlski played in that game and everybody was talking about this Mlski. You've got this young lad up front us. Unbelievable. Just remember the last talking about before the game. During the game, I just got hammered by this fat just constantly, just I don't know. I think it just comes to the game just to hammer me. And you standing me. I'm and I I just I'm a focus. Are totally got all I was thinking about. You know, I'm not putting over that. And at the end of the game I've run straight off, jumped into it. Well, it wasn't a crowd because it was only a few. It was only a few people at the reserve game and I've jumped in a sort of got in and sort of confronted him and realize and thought, while what am I doing? You know that just that moment you sid what the Hell am I doing? And the LAD started when milling a Wollon up me. So it chopped in the sort of pulled me away and that so obviously it's too lsome with an APP and the the Fay got old of it and I remember it was fromt pages, from the page of the was a daily sport at the time. You know, million pounds. That does does a canton Ur and all the lads for taking the me. Yeah, I me on the on the on the on the coach when we're going away. To be fair to the Blackpool fans, they there was about forty people that wrote letters in and things to the Fay saying that, you know, it's racial abusing me. It was harrendous. They never had anything like it. And when I went to FM thinking I can get banned for ages, you know, and with all the evidence that they got, you know, they just almost give me just a slap on the wrist. And at that time, you know, jumping into a crowd, although I didn't actually do anything. It's just I thought I was, you know, in the same sort of punishment. I'll be always grateful to those people who did writing and did support me at that time. Brilliant. And you move to Blackpole and it was big Sam who came into it and made made the signing. And what was you said? What was your first impression of the club? And did you want to move to blackpoole? What was you sort of thinking when you're getting that move and so what potentially what you could achieve there as well? We are well, you know, at the time for the for you younger lads, do you know alway was it was in charge of that time and and he was throwing a lot of money acted at that time. You know, he was paying big fees for players, especially at that that time, and you know that they were going for it. Probably I'd want to one of the I ways build it in the league. The potential was to move on. They were talking about the new stadium at wind I. You know all the plans and that, which which we know. You know didn't happen, but at a...

...time, you know he was putting money and to be fairly did so in the football club. I think you know, Burnley were waiting for me at the time. I chose Black Pool and something about right about it and the ambition was there, the players that were signing. It just looked like, you know, it was a club that was just going to go up, going to go up in the end. It was an easy decision. The only thing that happened on the night when I was sad when I came to sign. Always had some funny things with contracts and how they do contracts black pot and there was just something in the contract that was just just wasn't right. Now it just left all overnight, but it got sorted out in the morning. And but if I gone home that night Birmingham, Barry Friday left me a message on the answer. She could be then at mobile phones then. So He's left me a message to ring him. And I don't say if I'd gone home on that night, who knows, I might have gone to Birmingham. But because you know, no mobile phones or anything like, I'd signed and that up and that was it. But you know, that's how how different is today. You know, so that you know either got that call and you know it might scupper the move. Interesting our changes, it sounds like white all the time was probably similar to well, how we are now at that level and sort of looking to invest to try and get up into the championship. So hopefully this time actually happens. From Yeah, all promises, I guess. But with big Sam, obviously he did quite well with us. I know we all under in tears with the breadth and game then it I read that you said at the time that Bob was the only club you've been at where the fans moaned when they were top of the League. Obviously down to the playing style. What was always the impression alongst the squad around that time and how big Sam's running things? I think what I think what happened was we were really we were a real expansive team. You know, early on in the season we, you know, we play, play really could attacking football. We scoring loads of goals. We were flying, absolutely flying. Back at it now and I can understand to it to a certain extent what the feeling was, because we did start to go a little bit negative. I don't know what some s thoughts would be about it now, but you know, we were always fought for. To you know, really positive in the way we play, played good football, scored a lots of goals and some you know, as it went on and we just needed to almost fall over the line, we sort of went back to like sometimes we play one upfront. I end up playing on the on the left wing, I at times, and it seemed a little bit negative where, you know, we're maybe he just lost confidence with in or scoring goals, because we started to dry up a little bit there, you know, the strikers. It's all looking back now, I can understand, you know, the frustration of the fans because they'd probably look in Atsday why we change in a way. We're playing what I want to just keep, keep doing what what we've been doing. It's difficult for a manager at the time because you know, you see him that teams not scoring and maybe we'd concede in the odd goal and losing games, where if we are, if we get a couple of drawers, we probably be over the line. But I think we just went a little bit negative late on and, you know, probably just cost us that automatic spot. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a good team. Yet Daddy Morrison there was see Brett was there as well. Who would you say was your like closest friends amongst that that squads sign a black pool job, you know job Morrison was, you know, wasn't it was the best, best mate to you know, still is. We just hit it off. Well, I don't say we it off straight away. You know, their first time I saw him, I I just said a bit of banter because he was out injured and I just I just said, Oh, is there any challenge? Any Challenge? You playing any time? So and he just stared at me and I oh my God, well, we done it. So then get off to a good start. But now we you know, we made really good mate. You know that played probably played a big part the end in the in the playoff game when he couldn't play in the second leg. You know, I think we missed his you know, Miss Leadership and probably was a gamble by by some not to play him in, thinking, you know, we need it for the final. But... know, wasn't to be. We're gonna have some such on that game. Obviously going to Bradston, winning to nil and coming back to Bomphill road. Did you did you think you'd made it or what? Why? Why the capitulation? I guess what was it the do you think the squad did enough on the day, or was it just not meant to be? Or what was this sort of what was the undoing? Really is such a obviously horrendous nine for everybody. Yeah, it was got too excited about you know, went in tool away from there and started talking. Would started talking about Wembley, you know, and I remember having the conversation, you know, with Marvin Brian, who was talking about Wembley. This I'm that said, you know, we we haven't got there yet. We've got to get through this, get through the second leg, and I think there was that feeling. It just feeling all around around the club that we you know, that we were there, and even in the program they put directions for Wembley and things like that, and I think Bradford probably picked up on a lot of this, you know, and use that as a as an incentive, and just on that. On the day just, you know, just nothing went for us. We, you know, we're wanted two chance. I remember I the top of the bar. You know, that would have made the difference. Once say we couldpitulated, but they just run all over us. It's a difficult one, you know, to put your fit finger on it. But I think there was a there was an expectation that we were already at when Bley. You know, it is one of the you know, one of the worst days when you know, when you two level up, to lose, you know, to lose three two, especially at home in front of your own fans, you know, you know, one of the worst feelings. And to have the Bradford fans banging and buy at Brad the play, banging, banging, banging, banging on the on the wall at the end of the game. Honestly, it's just just it's just the worst word feeling in football. You know, I can't describe that that feels to lose out one not get promotion. We've been at the top all season. And secondly, you know that that chance to play at Wembley, which you don't know, you don't get too many chances to do that. You can't believe it was Chris Camarada rash as well, can you? Obviously for the induntion also, that's a killow as well that it happened everydia. So, yeah, go see on TV every weekend now. Yeah, every time you every time I see him. I remember it. So and it'll tell the story. I think you've told the story about that. You know, the way and belief directs in the program and stuff like that. You know, yeah, they should. Yeah, you mentioned that. I'm going to say you're absolutely bang on with that. He just said, yeah, that motivated and that's a way to do. Sure that, surely team that? And that was the proper pumped up with the game with big SAM. And so he was gone, basically down to the is all only. I think the story was that he was going to see how, you know, Easton, thinking he was selling a new contract and he got his marching orders. So it was what was the amosphere? I'm squad a lot time. Could you believe that happened? We were all got to because, you know, we thought we let him down, you know, because we got ourselves into a position and managers fault, you know, is that down to down two players, we're in a position to not just get, promote win in pushing to win the league. With not so many games to go, then we're in a great position to go straight or you know, Oxford one hundred and thirteen, drew one, lost to the last sixteen to do us by know what's a couple of points, was it? or a point was something ridiculous. So the run that they had, which just you know, was incredible and we, you know I'm talked about. Yeah, maybe we're in a bit negative, but we felt we had a strong enough team to go again. With that extra incentive of what happened to us the season before, we felt that, you know, we'd go on and put things right the following season. And so we thought it was are done by. You know, disappointed that he went. It's quite as gay and then that time as well. It must have been, is it just? Yeah, as quite as gay? It doesn't really it tried his bestly out. You know, we had all the as much new things that he could put into it, put into... You know, we had all the drinks and things like that, you know, the recovery drinks that that were very, very, very new then. You know. So he was, you know, he was ahead of his time even then with the with what he was doing. I think he gets a bad shout about being direct because we, you know, we went direct probably only till I you know, the maybe the last few games of the season, but before that we played some unbelievable football and you know, one of the best footballing teams I played in. So I do think it gets. It gets a rough shout sometimes about that his style, but you know, that's the way that's the way it comes in the media. You know, the media sort of push that and you know, people start to believe that and you know, you get he gets, he gets tired with that brush. HMM. You'll also played in the game Max it and Nigel Worthington to what we're each of them. I could you say that sort of style? Max and wasn't my my favorite manager, to say the least. It didn't, you know, what really see. I to I took with him. Think you wanted me out pretty much from from day one. Sim Chris Malkin really to replace me, and I wasn't really part of the team for a for a while and that season until they come to a point where I think we were right near the bottom of the league. We've got knocked out. It was the ends for knoxes out in the FA court and things were, you know, we're looking really bad, probably forever as well, and then he put me in and scored a lot of goals towards the end of that season. From there, to just missing out in the playoffs and and he ended up getting a move out of it and going. So yeah, it wasn't you know, for for me, I just we just did it off it. Sometimes that happens with managers and you know, he went on and did really well. You know, ended up in in the Premier League like Sam, and then Nigel, where's in two, came in and again another manager who went on and managing the Premier League. And the raceship was different with him. You know, I think I was captain for a while. I liked, liked him as a person and we did. We did okay, we did. We you know, we did reasonably well again, just just in and around, in around the playoffs. But you know, that was my last season under him. So you know, it's a bit of a weird relationship. Got On, gone really well, but at the end, you know, he was the one who's sort of let me go. What was your favorite going for Blab? Would you say that? Then I'll see one sticks out in the League Cup is one of your most important goals, almost wellknown goals as well. Was that one of you you best? Yeah, you know, you know it's a big goal at the time, you know, against Man City, but you know any goals against a local rival. You know, scoring against Preston was, you know, special, scoring against Burley. That those are those are the Games where you know it means so much to the funds and I think that those are the get the games, and the goals at that that you remember, you know, being able to run over and celebrate him album in front of the Preston funds and just stand in front of him a laugher. That's what you live for, you know, you live followsaw moment. You are part of that club and you know how much that means. You know I'm getting stick because the Cham and one of the owners at Charlie's a preston fun and though he can't stand black he has a go at me and anything anything that's bad. Again it against Black Pool. He's a he's always on top of it. But you know, I can always say I scored against you and you were probably in the crowd when I celebrated in front of you. Yeah, I do want to draw you in the FA Cup now, I say to understandable. You in mentioned, and the Morrison there as well, obviously one of you. You can piles and football and he went on to do some good things with Man City and had a good, good career after bar pools, Weldane and it's have any decent managerial career now. Yeah, it's learnt. Yeah, you know, we work together for a long time. You know, he's my assistant at Northwich in Worcester and a buzz as well, and then he's become a manager his own right and really, really well at conners key. They've won the league there. If when the COP as well.

You know, it's just a born winner. You know, a great lad meticuli se, you know, in his detail, puts everything into it, as you'd expect. You know, that's what he was like as a player and loyal, you know, and backs your one hundred percent on anything that you do. So yeah, like I said, you know best mate. So I'm going to say that about you and if I did, you know I might be getting a phone call or US clip round here. So look after yeah, obviously characters all that. A few of fire between now I may. So one of the thing to but bi pole's current side, having seen us play, and do you think we've got enough to get out of this division? What sort of current opinion of design. That's on Tuesday with, you know, playing against Wigan. They looked a little bit nervy, especially on more so when that, you know, when they're went in front. They just looked, you know that those doubts are creeping in a little bit wig and started coming in. But I thought they're really comfortable up until they're look like they've got some good, good technical players, some you know, some some decent pace wide. You know, me Dean's a great target man to he's someone to play through, and then they got good players around. That's so I think you can see. You can see the basis of a good side and I think we're more confidence because they've got a lot of young players that you know they could end up right up there and I think again, it will be on these runs. If keep on this run for a little bit longer, and a large grow with that. We're grow with the confidence. I think they've got a real good chance. Yeah, I think that's always seh from the outside, but it looked like we were going to win the league from the transfer we know it. Obviously that's just on paper and then you see as a play and it's not quite the same. Starting really slow but you lies think will get into momentum now. It just just couldn't, still can go all the way, like you say, good, it's just all BA momentum and, like it said, life took on earlier. Confidence as well be in such a massive part of it. Yeah, you know, and they got a lot of belief from from those results. So I think it's looking it. You know, it's looking more positive. You know, it was a little bit doom and gloom and speak to people and say I'm going, you know, you know it's not happening and this and that, we're going to struggle. But you know, a couple of results and it's, you know, change his opinion and then, you know, you get on a little bit of wave and then everybody starts to buy into and everybody then start to say or we're going to go up, we're going to go up and it, you know, it's contains the cup a couple of games. So yeah, it'd be it'd be good if can maintain that and get the crowds back in, because I think the crown, you know, at Black Pool, make a massive difference. You know that the atmosphere that has created, you know from the premier from the Premier League that managed to keep hold of that atmosphere. It's a difficult place to go and play. You know, I look you know, I look back at some of the Games that I played in and the atmosphere, even though the crowds are a lot lower it was, it was a it was a good atmosphere even with that, you know, with the open side. So it's a tough place to go and play black pool when the fans are up for it and and it's rocking, and so hopefully we can get that advantage again. Yeah, definitely. I think they've missed that as well. In covid I think, like I mentioned, dooming glooming a bit, a bit moping and moaning from a lot of blackball fans, and I think that's because the fact they can't go to the Games and stuff and they can't really get involved in it. Be The twelve man. Yeah, yeah, and it just doesn't feel the same when, you know, when we're playing games out. So, you know, we want to Wigan on suddenly and you'd be over to the funds and everybody be buzzing in the place will be gone crazy, you know, and you just you try and make an atmosphere after the game where it's just not football without funds and just not football. You know, it's just it's not yeah, it's not a waste of time because it's still, you know, still great, great. You know, the occasion was great, but it's just it's just not the SAT. It's just it's just not the same without fund so the sooner we can get at least some funds back in the ground, the better for me. Yeah, you think so, at least, especially at conference north level with surely you know, when there's people standing around the pitch and it's you know, it's lower,...

...lower capacity, then you know, people are outside essentially on the watching the football, it's just bizarre. The thing that would not be able to find a resolution for that. Yeah, and hopefully we're not far away from getting at least some funds back in the ground. Yeah. Well, hopefully. You know, they seem to like they might have a vaccine or something ready might and they today they were talking about so fingers crossed. Yeah, we can get back to normal and some sort of normality soon. Absolutely brilliant and I hope we've got any other question. So we'll wrap up and let you watch the F A Cup growing twenty minutes if thanks so much, only if we on really appreciate it. Now, Worris, now enjoyed it really, good, man, and good look for the season the FA Cup or as well, which surely will be keeping an eyep for you. And well, that's the no worries. That's a lot. Cheers. I need to do later, say, to get more involved with FAM reaction, Paul News and further competitions. Make sure that you sign up to our pop page and also follow social media pages on twitter and facebook.

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