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Episode #22 Posh Preview


Dan Hopwood and Sean McGinlay chat to Peterborough fan Nathan Brown about the upcoming game against Blackpool F.C. Footballing Journalist Nathan spent a bit of time with the League One club so has some insight on how the club is set up. He spoke to us about the players, formations and tactics of Darren Fergurson and what he predicts the score will be for the game. He has also recently brought out his own Podcast known as 'The Full Time Podcast' too. 

Welcome to the one to podcast by you, TMP. We had great, I think, Fan with Fan player relationships in the credible. It's the best changer in by mile that I've been in. then. Kind of things made the team stronger, made the bond stronger, made kind of claim for the club that kind of stranger, a little bit more enjoyable, a small unbelieval tality group who was just absolutely, I think I could tangely, unstoppable force. She's a short reminder to let you all know that our BSC legend monks and our sale for our UTMP shop and also available on Ebay to this is going to help us raise some money to improve our content further and to go towards and running costs to the website too. All Right, I'm joined here with Nathan today, Nathan's wing to give a bit of a background on me, Su please. Yeah, I've been a fan of the posh for four years now. I think I went like my first came about eight or nine or so, when we it was just around the era that that they are just had started, you know, being with the club. And yes, I've had a season ticket for a few years in between, like university and things like that, which obviously meant I couldn't always go every week. I was with the club, you know, throughout the years of when we're in the championship and obviously some of our best years as a club. So you know, I've probably been one of the lucky fans. It's not sort of been through the mire that we have had before I became a fan of the club. But yes, obviously, like I said, that the years we were in the championship will really, really good. I've seen so many, you know, top players that have gone on to have international career as premier league careers. You know, George Boyd Lee, Tom and had some time in the premier league, Dwight Gale as well. So yeah, I've been quite lucky as a posh fan and that's kind of my history as well. I mean I've spent a little bit of time with the club as well, so I've got a little bit of tiny amount of inside knowledge of being with the club and it's just it. It's a really, really special, an important club of the community and you know, it's it's I'm very, very glad and kind of proud to be a posh fan. To be honest. Yea Fair. Do you think I'm in Tony can quite in the premier league, as he possessed that quality. And the new boy, Johnson Clark, how as you think he can feel that void of him as well? Yeah, I mean I've and I'm quite surprised didn't end up at a Premier League club. kind of with the covid situation, you think maybe premier league clubs would have taken up on a player like that. But now, obviously, if he continues to school goals for Brent fit, it wouldn't surprise me if he gets to move in January or next summer, depending on whether Brent for go up or not, because he's definitely got the ability. I think he's showing signs that he can do that already. I mean you know, he's on such a good run of goal scoring form for them and we've only had what two three months the season already. So yeah, I think he can easily do a job in the premier league. In terms of Johnson Clark Harris, he's a different player to Ivean. I think they are. They're similar in some ways but very different in others. Think he's more of a sort of physical player, but he's also shown that you can score a and find kind of chances of his own as well, which is really important, and he occupies defenders as well, being such a physical presence, and he kind of creates space to dem belly as well, which which is important. I think he might be top of the goal scoring charts as well at the minute. So yeah, he's he's settled in well. I think time will tell whether, you know, he can be a key replacement, but he certainly shown already that he's been a very good player for us and you know, if there is one club in across the Championship League, one league to that, that find strikers and gets goals with them, it's US really. So yeah, I think we're in a good place with a Johnson clock Harrison and I'm, you know, very excited to see how he does. What's your thoughts on Johnson Quite Harris John Belly as a partnership? Yeah, I think together of actually been a really, really good partnership and we saw a little bit den ballet last year. So I think that that is really really what we've needed and I think having two players that can occupy defenders so well and...

...create space for others, which is obviously why? Like I mentioned, Jack Taylor's been getting goals, Joe Wards been in the goals. There's there's been all sorts of players that have been getting goals just just from having more space and time on the ball. So yeah, I think having those two upfront, I think is really really key and, you know, I think it's one of the best front lines in the league, to be honest. Yeah, and you mentioned Joe Ward there. He's got six assists this season and he seemed to play like a sort of free for one to style formation. So could you talk more to that sort of set up and how would you say play opposition should play against you eventually, and also your strengths going forward? And I would go and I would say it to be honest, if clubs kind of match us up and kind of follower a sort of five that kind of system like we do, you know, having wingbacks what versus wing backs, I think that that kind of nullifies that threat, which is where Joe Ward comes from. You know, he plays the right wing back roles so so well. He's really developed well in that front and he gets he's crossing ability is is really really good. So I think he's a massive danger man and and when you've got another wing back up against him, I think that maybe makes him sort of think, well, I can't always go go as far forward as I normally would because I've got this threat that's that's coming up against me. So that would be what I would do if it were me. But I also think we're one of those sides that, like I've mentioned den Bealley, creating space for others. I think clubs will always try and second guess us and I think that's maybe, you know, one of the worst things to do, because we've got so many players across the board that can get goals, that can create chances, and we've got so much pace across the side and on the bench as well. So I think we're definitely unpredictable on that front and I don't think that the system is easy to play against whatsoever. And obviously that shows us as to why we're up in, you know, the top two spaces of the league. HMM, then we we want to the goal starts based on yours and, as think, is going tight. As many goals or source a bit of a worry the moment for a for all. Yeah, one spottom also like at the other end. We're aware of your attacking ability in the attacking sort of thresty possessed, but about defensively, I'd say probably this is the best back for we've had since we've been in league one. I'd say that might be a sort of bold statement to make, but we've got two center backs that are really, really comfortable on the ball, but they're also very, very good at reading the game. You know, Frank Ken, it's just been such a fantastic signing for us and I think he will be one of those players that will go on to potentially Premier League football eventually. Then he's got the call Caln't head of beavers beside him, who's a really experienced player. And then Thompson, new I mentioned earlier. He's got so much sort of fastility in him and he does something similar to what Sheffield United Do, which is really key for us in terms of having the overlapping center backs and obviously, because we've got through in the back, I think it's key that we have an extra player that tries to join the attacks and he's been really, really good with that. And then we got the two wingbacks in Butler and in Joe Ward. That of created chances, got goals and and I just think this, this backfive system just suits us and it's also made us really, really rigid defensively and we've not conceded too many goals either, and we just look, sort of from back to front, as strong as anything I can see in this league, which I think is is really, really, really good for us. M Yeah, I just wanted to a touch on the old on the record. Actually between Games. Can you guess who's on top out of but a pool and Peterborough a sense, because obviously you guys were in the championship and you spend a little bit to him the Premier League. I would probably go for you, but I also know that we don't tend to lose too often to you, so I'm not sure. It's a tough one. I'll go black form. No, I'm actually fee better over the time. Twenty wins, as we've drawn e left times and you've lost fourteen times.

There's not much in it. Six Games just edged it there this yeah, the last game we actually would it was a for for three. That, if you remember that, all the excenter forward arm and Angeli at time score to yeah, I remember. Was that last season? I was last season. Yeah, and we in the W two on goals. Hope Marcus Madison remembers that one. Yeah, fine, yeah, yeah, you remember his celebration. We say that they because he backed the penalty. Then they and then he started giving it, a big, big one to the funds, I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Marcus, Marcus had that in and so it was. It just every club. I think he was one of those players that kind of fed off of sort of fan pressure and sort of, you know, opposition, fans giving him, you know, a bit of stick. Think he was one of those players that actually quite enjoyed that. I wouldn't go as farst to say was arrogant, but he was very sell of confident, which kind of came across probably in his playing style and how he celebrated and how he kind of lived his life. But you know, he was a such a good player for us I can't really complain about you know, he's record for us. But you know, I do faintly remember that and do remember thinking that could come back to buy him and US, and obviously it did. Luckily, look we for our times. It did. Yeah, but I'm thinking, what was he doing because if not, said anything to him and he was just like he said, it must be looking for the feed, the feed of energy. Yeah, well, yeah, it was a it's funny remember that one. Finally swo such on players at play for both. So they're quite a bit of research on this and I rather yeah, actually, normally there's at least like three or four players are play for both. Yeah, well, the only player that we managed to come across was a Jack Payne. Yeah, I yeah, I remember Jack. Yeah, well, you like you guys. You have any I'll see how the money was a bit younger than you. Yeah, we had in when he was in the championship with us, and I remember he was a really, really good holding midfielder for us and I think he became club captain as well. And Yeah, he was a really good player. He kind of knitted the the the midfield really well together and he, you know, he would clear up so opposition attacks and, you know, get the ball into the forward players so that they could could go and create and and you know, do their thing, and that was just, you know, one of those invaluable kind of players in your team and I remember he was very good in league one for us as well before he kind of moved on. But yeah, it was it was a very good player, quite technical, had a little bit of everything. He could score a goal from distance and I remember again against reading in the cup where he smashed one in from about twenty thirty yards and we ended up beating them. I think is about five six now. I remember that being a really, really good, good game of his. But yeah, he was a good player and I always thought it was a shame that we kind of let him go. Yeah, he went to Lake Marient when I checked, and then came to wars, but it was during our boycott years. So yeah, remember anything bigly of their body. must have been reasonably good because he played in our playoff final, which goes back into into league one. I think he was a good player back back in his day. Yeah, he saw a slip down the league. I was going to say it seems like I go from playing that was mentioned in the championship. You guys then like yeah, one on League too. I was always surprised that he never sort of maintained and stayed at that kind of level because he was definitely a good, good player at that level. So they always seemed a surprised that he didn't manage to stay there and ended up sort of slipping down the league's a bit. Right. Before we go full force on this this weekend with our predictions have been told, I need to mention a special one. The'll win, which boble got twice in prior to the two thousand and ten in yeah, with us in the Premier League. This one they'll win. Dj scored. Is A scrappy win, wasn't it? Sean? You were there when you yeah, I think I was the only sober fun in the entire away end at that point of being there in the young lad for yeah, that was on are run, obviously, to get into the playoffs the championship. It was, DJ Comi. It was. It was so like an attempted overhead kick...

...that completely made a mess off what the keeper ended up spilling it anyway. We ended up getting a scuffy rebound. Yeah, and we had a few chance, as you know, but it was pretty much backs to the wall stuff. Pe every shit about a penalty at the end as well, but it was one of those days where you very rarely remember the actual stuff happened on the field. Do you remember everything not going in to stand at all. It was like everyone was dressed up in vanncy dresses. Is mastered occasion with we finally or that was the game where everyone kind of was ready for for us to get promoted to the premier league. Obviously that's what went on. An up and, buddy, it was a it was a good day, but a few good days away in Prettyborough as well. I've got family down that and that are and views and actually lived in the village that they live in. So oft yeah, and he's always a nice guy. It's interesting. It's better. I don't know any first first spellus in Ryle, which is where my family from. Thankye. He lives in Stamford now. Ills he here down their own thing to yeah, I might be wrong. Lovely bit of Lincoln Shit every for all the all the listeners that. Yeah, and I say the love it, educating them all time, educating me anyway. This this weekend. Then got up scorn at or what do you think it's going to be? I do think we'll get back on the winning run again and obviously I'm aware on talking to to back Pool Fan, so I don't want to be sup too confident. I'd probably go with a close kind of like to one, I'd feel. I don't think we'll run away with it. I think it will be kind of nervy. So that would probably be my prediction. would be a two one. Yeah, sure what you're going for? Yeah, I'm going to be quite confident to say we're going to nick a draw. Obviously, if you were saying before about matching mutching you up, will probably go with the for free, free, but obviously with your center bucks kind of in the chef pidge and I'd mold. I'd like to see how it worked with the pace of our front free on the break, I think, cuts something that will potentially be able to take advantage of. But obviously it's all out winning that midfield bottle. I think the issue will have is our defenders like playing when the ball and the players in front of them, but as soon as the getting behind, that's when teams tend to cause us trouble and I know that. Obviously then bell as a lot of pace there and in the wide areas. It's basically about nullifying the why there is but I think, I think we potentially will be able to do it on this good running format. I've got the moment and get a one one. Yeah, I mean I that was what I was looking at through your scored was that there is a lot of pace in there. We, like I said, don't have too many issues with paste because we've got obviously five at the back and we've got the wing backs. But I think sort of tricky created players and sort of aerial battles and that kind of thing is is maybe where we can be got out and obviously, like I said, matching the system might might work, and for three three is probably one of those systems that can sort of try and pin backline back, so that that could be a way to go forward. For sure. I'd be surprised he went with for three three because recently we've been playing for for to you know, I think he'll stick with the same formation show. I don't think so, just because he seems to be in he mentioned in a press conference recently about how he is actually trying to match teams up or looking at changing his approach based on teams that we've played, and we've played quite direct teams, quite physical teams recently, and Burton and wig and that sort of their presence is all about in the air on the winning those battles and winning the battles in midfield, and I think Peterborough more of a classy team, if that's if Yah's put it in. Against Mkaden's, obviously we played the for free, free and match them up and that work that way. And I know a lot of statistical people think that M Kdn's are actually supposed to be a much better sad than what they've shown so far in terms of where they should be in the table in expected goals terms. So I think it's important that we don't sort of carry on playing the same way. When we're playing it's a completely different style of opponent. Had I would play Medine, but I think for three free could be the way to go in terms of just matching up that back free. HMM. Yeah, okay, F enough...

...session. Wise the Peter Art to hole onto the ball and and keep it. Yeah, we're we're a hundred and ten percent one of the sort of sides that far, far better with the bull. I don't think that I'll lether change. I think that that is what we're like. So yeah, I think keeping US sort of pin back and sort of having more possession is probably a way to go. You know, I fire were opposing managers against us, but we're one of those size that can when the ball back quite well. High up the pitch. We like to press. So, like I said, we are very, very difficult to play against and and we're very dangerous when we do have the ball. But then we're also very, very good on the transition and very, very good on the break. So we've got a lot of facets to our game and I think that's obviously why it's seen us do so well this season so far. Tend to be a team that play through balls quite often. You to see if the looking it getting behind whenever you can. We've got a concerns over our two fall backs in particular, in turn and husband, in terms of their recovery pace and general position in really in the fall back areas. Do you think if you're coming up against fall backs that aren't particularly well good at positioned and tend to be pretty poor in the recovery side of things, that'll be something you like sploit? Yeah, I think Darren's always been very, very good at that in terms of picking out sort of areas of weakness inside. So if that's anary, that do you think is an issue then definitely I wouldn't be surprised to see the wing backs really really I wouldn't be surprised to see den bell a maybe pulling out to one of them. And obviously with Joe Ward, he's very good on one on one's. He can get the ball in. So I think that's definitely an area that will look to exploit and we're very good at getting runners from midfield and getting them in. Sammish Modis as well. He's a very real good player at that in terms of seeing where the space is and he'll find that and he's very good at putting the ball through, all being the one that's sort of running on two passes from from behind the the back line. So yeah, I think that that kind of plays into our hands in many ways and that might be kind of quite fruitful for us. Yeah, I'm just hoping that our defensively feel those like a sort of new signing for us. Really. Okay, Doogle or yeah, yeah, to slot in, because he's been fantastic for us. So if there is a position in issue to like cover so and sort all that mess, otherwise we get stretched, then it's going to be a chance very difficult for us to get hold of that game. Yeah, I mean our midfield is very, very strong at the moment with with Brown and Taylor. So I just I can't see too many ways in terms of you guys kind of picking up points from us, because I can just see us in such a good kind of vein of form. And obviously last weekend, you know, that was a surprise result, but I can't see us going another game without getting a win. To be honest, I can't see it sort of happening twice. Really, what happened? How did they manage to get one over on you? To be honest, we seem to be really laxing possession, which isn't us. That doesn't happen very often. We seem to give the ball away and not have, you know, the the right tempo. Normally we're a very quick, fluid kind of sort of one to pass playing kind of side, and from what I saw it just didn't look like that. We just didn't seem to sort of all be on the right wavelength. It looked like sort of all the players seem to just have an off day, for one of the better way putting it. And obviously, as I mentioned, we had a couple of players out. Taylor was on international duty with Ireland under twenty ones, and then Thompson and got the hamstring injury, and they're really, really good players for us and very key and they've been very, very good for us this season. So I think their replacements didn't have the greatest games of their careers. So yeah, it's just a sort of collective of all those reasons really and, like I said, it's not often that we have an off day like that. But at the same time, crew are very good side. We found that out at the weekend. They're very similar to us. As I said. They like to use younger players, they like to play the ball around, they like to sort of press high and be creative and kind of give their players a bit of freedom. So it doesn't surprise me that they managed to beat us. But also, at the same time, because of the run a form that we're in, it...

...was a bit of a shock on that front. So yeah, it's just I think putting it down to an off day is probably the best way to put it, to be honest. Did you have any chances? Because it's too wasn't it? Yeah, there was definitely quite a few chances in it, but they scored a free kick as well, which you know, it was a very good free kick in fairness, so you can't set complain on that front, other than obviously giving the free kick away in the first place. But yeah, we just didn't have our shooting boots on really and it just seemed that we couldn't find the net. And in the second half one we did eventually get going, but first half we looked completely off the pace and that's kind of I think we're crew managed to win the game really and there the hamstring. So that Thompson, you mentioned you're going to even yeah, you're not going to be available for Saturday. Is that right? I'm not sure. I don't think so. I haven't seen what Fergie said in his press conference as yet, so he may or may not be. I doubt it. Yeah, so that maybe, like I said, an area for you to focus on. But I think Taylor should be back. I know he's with the full island scored now. So as long as me comes back with with a negative cozy test and he should be in the squad for Saturday. That slastic. Yeah. So thanks, thanks for joining us. Really really do appreciate got a low lowersa on the posh which, to be honest, stuff. Thought I'd know more about a couple like that. That's a stature and that sort of size, especially with Darren folcus and being there, but don't really know too much about it. So, yeah, do appreciate you coming on thanks to that. That's right nowrs and anytime I'm happy to good luck for the rest of the season part from side. Yeah, you too. Yeah, it's about years. So I think Aris Right. What do you make that then? It's quite good that show. Yeah, it was into a lot. Got A better knowledge here. Yeah, it was well interesting. Any last bits for we pull it off? I don't yeah, I've mainly just say about the style of player really because obviously, since listening to that and looking into Peter Roo themselves, I'd have been the same as you and probably everyone else, saying that we should stick the for to because that's been the winning formation. But it seems like when they've struggled, the stubbled against teams that set up that way. I mean, think how well we played in its crew. Is One of our best performance of the season. We should have won that game and we set up in that same style of play because we knew that was how they played. The same against MK Don's we got the positive result and it just seems to me that setting up against teams that are quite pretty and on the ball and sort of play with the game in front of your defense, I think it's just the right way to go really this. We need to be aggressive in our press. We need to be aggressive pushing on their battle line before they can start attacks, because once they get into midfield areas, that's where they're dangerous. So being able to really really target their defensive back five really is it's massive and I think we've a for free free if we push, we're brave and we pushing the full backs higher and sort of take the risk of closing them down before they even get the chance to be in the attacking areas. I think that's not best. Better, I think if we were evolved or two and play it long. I think that they've got the defense that that can deal with that, especially if this three defenders were always going to be out numbered Yates and Medine. I think median's hold up players good, but can we get enough players into that attacking area? I'm not. I'm not so sure, especially when they've got the hole, the midfielders that are going to come and drop deep when they need be as well. I just think they be able to sort of see what our game plan is quite easy on. It's worth a go, but I mean at the end of the day you're right. I think we will stick with forth to I've M Winn Information, but I just think potentially, even during the game, it might be a case of US having to match them up as we get further into the game. Ill, the concern of that is the how isolated mede's looked sometimes in a three three and because the whe'ming have been so wide. It's just what will that mean if you can't flick it on Jerry's not there? I smell the concern with going forth for three. Yeah, I think it's a case of the most important thing there is that we sit a narrow we have a we have a fun free bits and now from free but literally sit on their three center ards and they obviously want to play it out from the back and...

...use this at a horse early on. If we can stem not straight away, it's going to force them long. I think we can deal with most stuff in the air the back generally requite a good team in the air. So if we're forcing them one early on, it's disrupting all they want to play. I think that it's the massive key would be our central midfield of players being able to push out wide when they need to cover that half space with their full backs, because if they've got that back five and the pushing forward and then we need that extra protection, they're gonna after all work. They're absolutely arses. Really in this game. To be able to do something, we need to be really aggressive and on it for the whole game. He would you go within the midfield. That's the thing. It's you're also going to look at. Can I doogle, who I've been calling Dugal from our month now, and so I feel like a tipping Nice. Whats they go? Yeah, you've got to look at him to be covering, as you said, covering husband and covering turn in those areas where potentially going to get in behind. I feel like it's a game for grant ward, and I'm not billy had been his biggest fun, but I think he's really good at covering those spaces when you need him to. It's somewhat is someone who just does the job in the team does those intangible things that you kind of need and we need that. We're in energy in the game and it's a case of bringing on your you you're more aggressive play. Even Robson's going to be massive if he can play as well. I think he's another person that just screams aggression and drive and you're going to need those are intangibles. A It's a team that so aggressive as Peterbor are in the attack now, while thinking Robson, actually I was thinking Robson and Doogle and who else with him? What the eruptions and Jays that anyway? Isn't they exactly? So it's a case of you're going to have probably ward there that's got a kind of sitting, because I know I was we play turn in midfield midweek. We did. Yeah, I don't really SA really work down add I mean turn on the picture by enough. So it's like it's like what you're gonna do that? Because I was Jordan Gabriel's been absolutely class so hopefully he'll he'll stay in because of the past two games he's playedies created chance. He's he's been really good and he will definitely push by that left. But that they've got as well. Yeah, and he's got the pace to get back if he messes up, whereas certain we'll struggle. Yeah, exactly makes sense to starting. Yeah, I see how it goes. Hopefully guess from the game. I do think it will be as well as well. I'm going to go to score drawers and I think it'd be too SI. Things be quite high scoring game, not just because of last time he played it, but because the fact that the boat for well, they're more attack in mine. So I think I'll get two goals, but I think we'll think, we'll probably for it a way to me and I think we'll go ahead first and then end up throwing it away. But yeah, we'll see what happens with that one. Cheers for joining. Yea Ours. It's been too soon for the game. I'll do jgtube ways well, to get more involved with fan reaction, Paul News and further competitions, make sure that you sign up to our Bob Page and also follow social media pages on twitter and facebook. I.

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