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Episode #32 Ben Heneghan Talks Tangerine


Hosts Tom Johnson and Dan Hopwood spoke to former Blackpool and current Wimbledon AFC defender Ben Heneghan about his recent time with the tangerines. Coming up through the youth ranks at Everton and Stoke, the ugly side of the game and fighting to get your opportunity.

Ben spoke about the disruptive time when he first joined Blackpool F.C and having just one game under Gary Bowyer as manager. Before working under Terry McPhillips and then Simon Grayson. Ben was subject to the different changes of managers, the board and players as many came in and out of the club. He was also able to witness the resurgence of fans after years of boycotting the club due to the previous owners.

Ben discussed with utmp why he didn't sign with Blackpool, the effects of COVID-19 and believing in your own ability in episode #31 of 1-2 Podcast. 

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