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Episode #35 Gary Brabin Talks Tangerine


Host Tom Johnson sits down with Gary Brabin to discuss his time playing for and coaching at Blackpool F.C. The relationship with the tangerines started when Gary first joined Blackpool in 1996 for a fee around £200k. He made 63 appearances with the Seasiders and scored two goals. He featured under manager Gary Megson who led the Tangerines to a seventh-place finish in the Second Division for the 1996-97 season.

The midfielder scored another three goals under manager Nigel Worthington who led the seasiders to a twelth place finish in the 1997-98 season. However, he only played ten games at the start of the following 1998-99 season before departing Bloomfield Road and heading to bottom place Hull who were in the Third Division at the time.

Brabin later returned to Bloomfield Road in September 2018 to join Terry McPhillips team as part of the coaching staff. Although, was quoted as stepping down for 'personal reasons' in 2019 amid news of a take-over at the club. Listen to this exclusive pod to find out more about Gary, in this refreshingly honest interview about his playing days and managing success and love for BFC.

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